Mangalam Elite: Talent Agency

Mangalam Elite, a talent agency in the year 2025 shows a few openings of the kind of talents they are looking for.

Work done by:

Martin Jones

Cristobal Viedma

Sudeep Shyamal

Meerak Hang Subba

Palash Singh


The Sentient Doctor

Description in the works


Shine Bhola

Chippy Diac

Ella Grosse

Pradeep Kumar

Anders Mellbratt

Big thanks to

Jiggy & Shy

RELEDIATOR- religious mediator

4 day project

Buhpathi Srinivasan
Kishen Patel
Olof Einarsson
Stina Wessman

Relediators are religious mediators. Now in 2030 you can find them around, but 20 years back in time there was no such profession as relediators. Even “Relediation” as separate studies was considered a trans-discipline. It has evolved from the convergence of conflict management, comparative religion and politics. To simplify it’s conflict management specialized in religion. They all have their background from masters in linguistic, religion, history and management. They were selected to participate in the “relediation” master. A relediator is super talented in soft values such as empathy and carisma.

This project is a part of the trendspotting course we did at Konstfack situated in India. We started out by trendhunting for low signals in the city. A city that from a western point of view was rather noisy.

19/1 a day on town

yesterday we went out trendhunting and looking at different things in the city. It is rather overwhelming I must say. So many beautiful things, so many impressions, so much pollution. We did some interviews today asking people how they felt about their future. This boy wants to be a lawyer.

his father has this stand where they sell handcrafted bicycles made from one piece

a stand in the center of ahmedabad

stray vs. stray

Some photos from today

copyright stina wessman 2010

So after the indian experience, we had midsummer with building Maypole, midsommarkransar and eating surströmming

copyright stina wessman 2010

copyright stina wessman 2010

Competing with us in traffic

indian experience

we got a fantastic experience today by our new indian friends. we started out by camel-dancing-mini-festival and it was juicy.

copyright stina wessman 2010

copyright stina wessman 2010

then we completed a traditional indian art piece with our interpretation, it took eight hour for the students to create this foundation

copyright stina wessman 2010

copyright stina wessman 2010

the technique was rather cool and made me think about how nice it is to work with your hands and really feeling the material

copyright stina wessman 2010

we also got these beautiful hennas that they made in no time


we were on our way